Tiger’s Eye – What can you do to strengthen your relationships?

The tarot cards you received were the two of cups reversed, the queen of rods reversed, the devil and the six of pentacles reversed. The lesson cards you received were worry and judgment.

First of all, I get a sense this reading is more about a romantic partner, though it could also be a business partner. The relationship in question appears good on the outside. You probably mesh well and have a great time together.

And yet, you can’t help but have this nagging feeling that something is amiss. Maybe there is a good reason for this, too – maybe they aren’t being honest with you, and you sense it. Intuition is a powerful thing that shouldn’t be ignored.

That said, worry can also be our fears talking. It is easy to let fear rule the way you see your world and those in it, especially if you’ve been burned before.

The best thing you can do is reflect on your current situation. If you are 100% honest with yourself, is there any reason you can spot why your doubts may be justified? If so, then proceed with caution until you figure out your next move. If not, then ask yourself if something along your own path might have inspired your doubts.

Regardless, confide in someone you trust about how you’re feeling and see what they say. Sometimes it’s good to get an outside perspective when you can’t clearly see it on your own. Chances are they’ve been waiting for you to open up.