More about me, why I’m here and my methods

Hi there! Welcome to my newly-refreshed blog.

I’ll be totally honest with you – this blog has evolved quite dramatically over the past few years. The most recent iteration was a genealogy-based blog where I shared information about my own research. I guess I had this thing in my head that a blog must have one core focus, and that’s what I ran with.

But just as humans are complex, so are my passions. I’m into a lot of things, and they evolve over time. Tarot is only my most recent passion, but I have a lot more than that to share with the world.

And so, here I am. This blog isn’t going to be just about tarot or spirituality. I’m still doing genealogical research (for myself and others) as well as other more creative pursuits. I’m also a communications professional which brings me a great deal of satisfaction.

Maybe that’s the best way to describe the purpose of this blog. It’s about the things that bring me joy and nourish my soul, but it’s also about helping others do the same for themselves. I definitely plan on providing fairly regular tarot readings. That said, don’t be surprised to find a whole mish-mash of things here.

Me and tarot

Why did I get into tarot? It may sound odd, but I was looking for a way to receive and convey messages from the spirit world / universe / whatever you wish to call it in a more direct way.

I know – tarot doesn’t seem like the most direct form of divination. It’s honestly more direct and focussed than my other means. For almost as long as I can remember, I have had dreams that provide information about future events. Unfortunately, they’re usually incredibly obscure and require a significant amount of analysis in order to understand the message.

While I’ve become much better at this, I have often felt that I am still not quite understanding the full message until said prediction happens and I have that, “Ah-ha!” moment in hindsight. That can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it’s something negative that you want to warn someone about.

Recently, I discovered a great tarot reader on YouTube whose work made me wonder if it might be a useful tool for me. The more research I did into the art, the more right it felt.

My sources

At the moment, I have three sources I work with.

My primary source is the Morgan Greer Tarot deck. I loved this deck from the moment I first saw it. They say that you need to find a deck that you connect with. I must have searched through over a hundred different tarot deck choices and this is the one that drew me.

I love how the top of the cards are just a simple blue and white star pattern, and the face designs are so saturated and detailed. I tend to think in imagery (which makes sense why messages appear to me in dreams!), and I tend to find cues about the messages I need to convey through the details of the images themselves.

And it has to be said – the kind of 70s styling of the illustrations is definitely a winner for me. (I’m kind of obsessed.)

My second source are crystals. I have a bag of 12 different crystals that I use to give me a bit more information on how to approach certain topics or situations. I also like how you can use crystals to help connect others to whatever messages they need, hence why you will see them in the readings I publish on here.

The third source arrived today and I’m already loving it – The Soul’s Journey Lesson Cards by James Van Praagh. I wanted to find oracle cards that could help provide more clarity on the next steps for whatever reading I’m doing, or as a way to receive quick messages for myself and others.

As with my tarot deck, I tried to find cards that I was drawn to. I looked at many and none of them really spoke to me like these did. I love how direct and almost gentle the messages are, and the mandalas really speak to me – they’re just beautiful cards.

Should you get into tarot?

My advice is – why not? I am a firm believer in following your intuition. If you are drawn to something like tarot, there’s probably a reason and you should explore it.

I decided to give it a go because I felt like it could be a good fit. I’m really happy that it does seem to be a good fit for me and I’m going to continue. If it’s not a good fit for you, that’s okay too! There’s no harm in at least trying something. While I’m still fairly new to the ‘divination world’, I do know there are many methods to seek and receive messages from beyond. As with finding the right career path, sometimes you just have to try things until you find what works for you.

Until next time, I hope you have a wonderful week.