Rose Quartz – What can you expect from your short-mid term career outlook?

You selected the rose quartz crystal. The tarot cards you received were the four of swords, the king of swords and the ace of pentacles. The oracle card you received was loneliness.

This is an interesting time of adjustment for you. I feel like something has changed in your professional life recently (or is likely to change within the next few weeks) that is going to kind of throw you off balance for a time. This could be a change of jobs, or even a promotion of sorts.

Either way, you don’t quite feel comfortable in your situation. With this change comes feelings of uncertainty about where you stand and/or your future.

I get a sense that you feel like you’re kind if on the outer in some way – be it because you’re still technically the “newbie”, or you’re in a position where you feel like you should be acting in a different way. (Maybe you’ve just started managing others for a project or more broadly?) And at the core of it, you kind of just want to feel normal again.

I think the biggest thing you need to do in this time is trust the process. You’ve been put into this position for a reason, and you definitely have the tools you need to thrive in it.

Rest assured that I don’t see this ending badly for you. Quite the contrary – I think if you trust that you’re in the right place at the right time, that you do have what it takes and that others’ faith in you is not misplaced, you will find your happy place again and end up in a situation that brings the things you need into your life.