Rose Quartz – How can you help yourself advance into a more positive and healing place coming out of this pandemic?

DISCLAIMER: The following is my interpretation of the messages I received during this reading as they pertain to the question at hand. You ultimately have to decide whether this is correct for you and your particular situation.

The cards that appeared for your reading were the 3 of cups reversed, the queen of swords and the 4 of rods.

You chose rose quartz, which is great for confidence and peace.

I think this is quite appropriate for your reading. I get a sense that you’ve kind of loved the solitude that this pandemic has provided. Maybe you’re an introvert, or maybe it has given you time to discover new things that bring happiness to your life.

That said, I also think you might be worried about how this time has and will affect your success and stability in the future. I’m getting strong career vibes from this one – it could be that you’ve lost your job, had the type of work you do change or there’s general uncertainty about where you stand because of factors outside of your control.

As simple as it sounds, I think the best way you can overcome this is to trust yourself. If this pandemic has demonstrated one thing to you, it’s that you can be strong in the face of adversity – you can not only survive, but thrive! I think that applies to your ongoing success and stability as well. You’re a strong person with a good head on your shoulders, so own it!

One word of caution, though – go gently. You can demonstrate your power and intellect without using a heavy hand or being pushy about it. You may have a tendency to get more intense as your concern grows, so breathe when you start feeling like this and say, “You’ve got this.”