Jade – What can you do to strengthen your relationships?

The tarot card you received were the four of pentacles, the seven of rods, the eight of pentacles reversed and the five of swords. The lesson cards you received were balance and failure.

I get a strong sense that there is a relationship that you are struggling with making a decision about. This person is taking too much from you in some sense. It could be that you feel they are using you for their own material or temporary emotional gain. Or, they could simply be dragging you into and along with the drama in their life, expecting you to jump when they command your attention.

Deep down, you know this relationship needs work. And yet, you feel torn about making a decision – be it to initiate repair work or throw in the towel. You may feel like a bad friend by doing so. What you might not realise is that this situation has a flow-on effect with your other relationships. You may be snappier or less patient with others you love, or you may be inadvertently withdrawing because you simply don’t have the strength to deal with anything else.

The best thing you can do is find your voice. The relationships you have in your life should be healthy and supportive for all involved. If they’re not, it’s okay to call it out and take action. Suffering shouldn’t be part of love or friendship.

And if you do decide to cut and run, know that it is okay. The card says failure, but it’s really not – it’s a lesson you needed to learn. Everyone comes into our lives for a reason. This relationship (it’s beginning and it’s end) is a journey you needed to take. Focus on your own well-being and send a bit if love to the people in your life who appreciate it.