Citrine – What can you do to strengthen your relationships?

The tarot cards you received were the high priestess, the eight of rods, the nine of swords reversed and the two of pentacles reversed. The lesson cards you received were purpose and gratitude.

One of the things you strive to do, especially with those you love, us lighten the load. You want your friends and family to be happy, and you are pretty good at sensing when people need support. With this gift also comes the gift of being a great shoulder to cry on when called upon.

That said, I get a sense that you find it hard to forgive yourself if you can’t help. You feel guilty if you need to help yourself first or, God forbid, read the situation incorrectly and it leads to more heartache. You feel like you should always have the answers.

And when you do realise that you can’t or haven’t been able help in the way you wanted, you have a tendency to withdraw emotionally. You don’t want to run the risk of hurting those you love, so you avoid any opportunity to do so while you lick your wounds.

The best way you can strengthen your relationships – be it with a partner, a member of your family or a friend – is to forgive yourself. You are human! They don’t say that no one is perfect for no reason. Everyone makes mistakes, but we have to accept that part of ourselves. You have been given an amazing gift of intuition and love for your fellow man. You need to acknowledge it’s okay to not always be “on”.

And above all, be thankful for the people in your life. They have gifted you with their trust, so do the same – especially when things go pear-shaped. You may find that they want to be there for you just as much as you are for them.