Amazonite – What can you expect from your short-mid term career outlook?

You selected the Amazonite crystal. The tarot cards you received were the magician, the five of pentacles reversed and the knight of rods. The oracle card you received was failure.

Generally speaking, you have a lot going in your favour. You have a lot of professional and/or lived experience that serves you well in your professional life.

I have a feeling helping others in some way is a very important aspect of why you do what you do. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a social justice warrior, although that may be part of it. Helping others who need it can take many forms, and I think that desire to make others feel happy or safe in some way (even just for a short time) is a big driver for you.

That said, I get a strong sense that you may be doing so at your own expense, ignoring some aspect of yourself or your own care that really needs your attention. Focusing so much on others is likely to lead to a breakdown of some kind in your professional life. This may take the form of a big mistake on a project, or possibly an unexpected change of jobs.

Ultimately, I think sacrificing some aspect of your own care – though noble – is going to result in a misstep if you don’t acknowledge it…and soon. Remember that helping those in need does not mean self-sacrifice. What can you give to others if you have nothing left?

And if you do fail in some way, don’t worry! It’s all going to be okay. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person or that you’re not good at what you do. It simply means there’s a lesson your spirit guides need you to hear. Take time to examine what happened as objectively as possible, and trust that the universe has something better in store for you.