Tarot reading – Short-mid term career outlook

Sometimes you just have to run with what calls to you.

Careers matters have been on my mind a lot lately. That’s not surprising considering my current situation, but I’ve noticed a recent theme of career concerns among my friends as well. I did a personal reading for one of them last night, and I’ve been feeling compelled to provide a public reading on this topic.

Maybe it’s because it’s a full moon tonight, or perhaps some other forces are at play. Regardless, I feel like someone needs these messages right now.

And so, I asked my tools:

What can you expect from your short-mid term career outlook?

I used my full collection of tools for these readings – tarot cards, oracle (lesson) cards and crystals.

The crystals I drew were amazonite, sodalite and rose quartz.

To find the reading that you need right now, choose the crystal that most resonates with you. It could be one that you feel drawn to in this moment, or it could just be the one you think is the prettiest. It doesn’t matter why you choose it – just that it speaks to you in some way.

Once you have selected your crystal, click on the relevant link below to find your reading.

I’d love to hear how much (if at all) your reading resonated with you, so feel free to let me know by commenting below.

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