Tarot reading – Spiritual healing post-pandemic

I thought about what topic I wanted to do my first public tarot reading about for quite a while. It came to me after having yet another discussion with my mom about the last year and how difficult it has been for so many of us – not to mention how difficult it continues to be.

I live in a place that has just come out of yet another hard lockdown. This last one, albeit only for two weeks, felt almost harsher than those before it. I think it’s because life had just started feeling a little bit normal again, and then we were suddenly thrust back into the last year of fear and apprehension. And we’re all just over it at this stage.

And so, I turned to the spirit world – as much for myself as others. I drew three crystals from my bag, and I did a separate reading for each asking the same question:

How can you help yourself advance into a more positive and healing place coming out of this pandemic?

The crystals I drew are purple amethyst, red carnelian and rose quartz.

To find the reading that you need right now, choose the crystal that most resonates with you. It could be one that you feel drawn to in this moment, or it could just be the one you think is the prettiest. It doesn’t matter why you choose it – just that it speaks to you in some way.

Once you have selected your crystal, click on the relevant link below to find your reading.

I’d love to hear how much (if at all) your reading resonated with you, so feel free to let me know by commenting below.

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