Quick update, but mostly a Swarovski post.

It’s been a long time since I used this blog, and a lot has happened in my life since then. I’m not going to start completely over, but I did remove some old posts that are a source of pain. The past year has been a time of massive change and continues to be. I would prefer to look ahead rather than dwell on the past.

I’ll give a proper update at some other stage. For now, I want to post about something I enjoy.

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge collector of items. One of the few things I do collect are Swarovski’s annual ‘Little Star’ Christmas ornaments, sometimes called ‘Little Snowflakes’. If you’re not familiar with Swarovski, it is a world-famous crystal company headquartered in Wattens, Austria. It was founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski and has been owned by his family ever since. They produce a huge array of collectable clear and coloured crystal art pieces.

The Little Stars are miniature versions of Swarovski’s famous annual Snowflake ornaments (only about 47mm in diameter). Unlike the larger snowflakes, the Little Stars don’t come with a tag showing the year they were made. This, admittedly, makes it slightly difficult to tell which way is the front and which is the back. However, I believe that the Swarovski swan logo is meant to go in the back. (Please, by all means, correct me if I’m wrong about this!)

Both the Snowflakes and the Little Stars have been modelled on the star topper Swarovski provides for Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree since 2004, though they have been producing the Little Stars in the classic clear crystal since 2003. In 2011, they started producing a ‘Golden Shadow’ SCS (Swarovski Crystal Society) version of the Little Stars and last year, they also started producing a ‘Magma’ red version featuring parts of the design in their satin finish.

If you knew me, you would find it odd that I collect the Little Stars. I’m not a huge fan of crystal things in general and usually thing they’re a bit gaudy.  I was instantly drawn to the Little Stars because they’re small and quite delicate looking. I got my first one in 2004 and years later, I decided to collect every version ever made. I finally managed to complete my collection today bar this year’s edition.

So why am I posting about it here? Part of the reason it took me so long to amass my collection was because it was so bloody difficult to find historical information about them! Virtually everything you find online is about the larger Snowflakes with virtually nothing about the Little Stars. It took a long time and a lot of research to even identify which years I was missing (before I thought to label them) and then to track down the ones I was missing for a reasonable price.

So, I want to save someone else the headache. Based on my research, here is a comprehensive list of Swarovski’s Annual Little Star ornaments in the classic clear crystal. I don’t collect the gold or red versions as yet (though I am considering it!).


Click here for a list and images of every Swarovski ‘Little Star’ ever made [PDF].

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